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Are you tired of stains reappearing after your carpets are cleaned?  Are you tired of your carpets looking worse 3 weeks after you cleaned them?

If you answered yes, you found the right company.  2 major problems in this industry: not using STEAM, and over WETTING.  Anything less than 212 degrees is not considered steam.  It's just hot water that you can get out of your faucet.  Here at CHEM-X STEAM CLEANING we have solved those problems.  Using 250 degrees of steam to rinse all your dirt attracting residues left by other carpet cleaners have left customers in disbelief.  The pre-spray used on most carpets is citric based product.  (It's so safe, you can gargle it).  With our truck-mounted machines we will dry your carpets in 2-3 hrs.  100% customer satisfaction guarantee is our goal. 

Technologically advanced steam carpet cleaning Houston, TX. 250 degree steam temperature gives your carpet a deep, thorough cleaning that actually removes dirt. We use all natural products. Rated one of the best carpet cleaners in Houston. Also performs water extraction services, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and air duct cleaning.